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The Student ACES Center

To support the work of Student ACES, Bank of America donated their bank building for complete renovation in turning it into the Student ACES Center or The SAC. Through the efforts of staff, community leaders and mentors, The SAC provides leadership, academic and athletic support for High School ACE students in the Glades area. The SAC provides learning pathways, many of which were suggested by the students themselves, to build concrete knowledge on the hot topics that students will face within their current life and future experiences.

A Safe, Stable and Nurturing Environment

The SAC consists of a community of learners, building a foundation to support and promote the personal, educational and professional development of every ACE student, honoring their individual and collective talents and strengths. The SAC is open after school daily and is a place where high school students work to become outstanding, contributing members of their teams, schools, neighborhoods and communities.

Letter from the Director of The SAC

SAC Home  |  Registration  |  Facilities  |  Programs  |  Partners  |   Need To Talk?  |  FAQs  |  Media  |  Contact Us