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The Passport Program

The Passport Program is a new program that places each student on an interactive journey throughout 7 different destinations or guiding principles. Each destination consists of tasks for the student to complete throughout the year, once completed the student receives a stamp for the designated task in their passport; the stamps then amount to rewards.


Career Readiness

Academic Advising

College Prep

Mental Health

Health & Wellness


Personal Development

The HYPE Program

The HYPE Program consists of interest-based activities that align with the themes of the day. During HYPE, students are exposed to new experiences while skill building and building relationships with their peers and mentors.


Movie Monday

Serve Together Tuesday

Eat! Around the World Wednesday

Tournament Thursday

Fun Friday

Youth Empowerment Center

The Student ACES Center is the new home of the Belle Glade Youth Empowerment Center. The Youth Empowerment Center provides activities and services to at risk youth in Belle Glade. The YEC focuses on empowering youth, promoting education, promoting health, promoting leadership and community involvement.

Hours of the Youth Empowerment Center
School in Session: 2pm-7pm
School Days Off: 11am-7pm
Summer, Spring and Winter Breaks: 9:00am-6:00pm

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