Palm Beach County

The Student ACES Yearlong Program is provided to students from public and private high schools and consists of six classes and a community project. Students are nominated by their high schools or peers for exemplifying leadership traits in athletics, education and in their community. Students are excused from school and work together with students from different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures to discuss values-based leadership. A network of young men and women of character and integrity is created and life-lasting friendships are formed!

Captains Summits are designed specifically for high school athletic captains to learn leadership skills, techniques and life lessons that will enable them to lead each of their teams on and off the field. Participating student athletes have firsthand experience to hear and engage with world-class experts and leaders in their respective professions while connecting with captains from other schools.

The one-day Leadership Workshops are developed for athletes who are interested in applying leadership techniques. Workshops allow us to partner with schools, universities, training facilities, camps and individual teams to address specific needs of each organization, such as, sportsmanship, team chemistry, attitude and team leadership.

The Student ACES Center is an after school center open to ACE students in Belle Glade, Pahokee and South Bay. The center is open daily and creates a holistic academic and athletic experience for students.


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