ACE Programs


Student ACES Yearlong Program

This program is provided to students from public and private high schools in Palm Beach County and consists of six classes and a community project. Students are nominated by their high schools or peers for exemplifying leadership traits in athletics, education and in their community. The yearlong program accepts male and female students in their junior or senior year of high school. Students are excused from school and work together with students from different ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures to discuss values-based leadership. A network of young men and women of character and integrity is created and life-lasting friendships are formed!

Captains Summits

This one day seminar is designed specifically for high school athletic captains to learn leadership skills, techniques and life lessons that will enable them to lead each of their teams on and off the field. Student athletes have firsthand experience to hear and engage with world-class experts and leaders in their respective professions while connecting with captains from other schools. The student athletes engage in interactive drills designed to incorporate communication, respect, sportsmanship, trust, sacrifice and ethical behavior. The captains also engage in team discussions on challenges facing today’s young students.

Leadership Workshops

Customizable to specific teams, schools or sports. The Student ACE staff works closely with school administration and coaches to create a personalized curriculum to focus on specific needs. During workshops, teams have the opportunity to work together to solve case studies and engage in interactive drills designed to incorporate communication, respect, sportsmanship, trust, sacrifice and ethical behavior.  Workshop topics can vary according to specific needs and work to break down the barriers that may be preventing a team or school from reaching the highest level of success. Workshops can be offered in one-day or multi-day series.

The Student ACES Center

The Student ACES Center or The SAC, is a community of learners, building a foundation to support student athletes throughout their athletic careers and beyond. This is the place where high school Student-Athletes train to become outstanding, contributing members of their teams, schools, neighborhoods and communities.Through ongoing community involvement and service, students will learn and demonstrate the benefits of “paying-it-forward”. The SAC will support and promote the personal, educational and professional development of every student, honoring their individual and collective talents and strength.


Palm Beach County

Broward County

Miami Dade County

Program Success

Students who participate in ACE programs improve in all aspects of their lives.  Preliminary data is showing increases in grades, nutrition, health, post high school advancement, securing funding for higher education, employment, entrepreneurial endeavors, improved mental health, and higher rates of resilience and hope. Anecdotally, Student ACES has documented improvements in intra-school district sportsmanship, collaboration, social connection, and support.  This is especially promising as students grow and experience opportunities outside of their team or school, which normally would be a stressor and be experienced as extremely uncomfortable.  Students in the program are building comfort, familiarity, and friendship serving as a network as they experience college, employment, or education outside of their immediate neighborhood.  The students are indicating a sense of belonging and identity rooted in pro-social emotional character principles. As a result of the competencies and experiential learning components in the curriculum, students have a stronger belief in their abilities (self-efficacy) and are empowered to break community, family, and individual cycles of adversity