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COVID-19 Response

We are putting plans in place to ramp up academic assistance if students are not going back to school. We will work to fill the gaps and ensure students have access and support. 

Over the past fews months, Student ACES has:

Hired 15 students and 19 alumni to assist with sanitation, landscaping, tutoring, mentoring, data collection with Palm Health Foundation, Census 2020 work and more.

– Partnered with FLIPANY to feed over 2,500 students

– Provided Internet access and Computers to our students who did not have access or connectivity

– 7 of our students were hired as interns for the City of Belle Glade

– Provided over 440 mentoring hours thus far

– Conducted over 300 wellness calls

– Provided over 200 tutoring hours 

Partnered with Families First to provide Behavioral Health Services to our students

– Collected over 250 stories (data collection) in partnership with Palm Health Foundation

– We recognized 5 seniors who are “Champions of Character” 2 students from Glades Central and 3 from Pahokee   High. Our event had to be cancelled so we held a parade to celebrate their success.

– Conducted over 25 zoom character education workshops 

Initiated Student Led Grant Making “GSGA” in partnership with Children’s Services Council 

– Launched a 12-week interactive intensive financial literacy pilot program called “The Game of Life” (10 students)

Submitted permits for Phase 2 of The SAC which is the STEM Lab and will focus on Kinesiology, Human Performance and Wellness.

 Launched MAD 21  Student ACES is partnering with MCA Fishing 21on a creative and life changing program, Men of Action Dedicated to Inspirational Change.