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Mission: To inspire and develop high school student athletes to become men and women of character, honor and integrity through our character education programs.


About Us

Student ACES (ACE) was founded in 2013 by father-daughter team Buck Martinez and Krissy Webb to create a pathway for young men and women to achieve the highest standards of leadership. The inspiration for Student ACES stemmed from their desire to see every student achieve a foundation of leadership that would generate positive outcomes and tremendous success in the students’ lives.


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A Safe, Stable and Nurturing Environment

The SAC consists of a community of learners, building a foundation to support and promote the personal, educational and professional development of every ACE student, honoring their individual and collective talents and strengths. The SAC is open after school daily and is a place where high school students work to become outstanding, contributing members of their teams, schools, neighborhoods and communities.

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