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The Student ACES Center/ Belle Glade Youth Empowerment Center Registration

If you are interested in joining the Student ACES Center / Youth Empowerment Center please come to the SAC to register. If you have any questions, please contact the Student ACES Center at 561-463-7110. When you arrive at the SAC, a staff member will complete registration with you!

Step 1

Come into the SAC and meet the team, here you will sit for an initial interview to learn more about our offerings and see if the SAC is the right fit for you!

Step 2

Complete the online registration by clicking the blue button that says “Register for the SAC”

When registering, please refer to the powerpoint below that will walk you through the registration process.

Click Here for the Online Registration Powerpoint

Step 3

Print a copy of your most recent transcript and give it to the SAC staff member helping you complete registration.

Pick up a copy of the Academic Release form and take home for your parent or guardian. Your you can print it here and bring it with you when you come to register.

Click here for the Academic Release Form

Step 4

If you are 17 years old or younger, your parent/ guardian needs to electronically sign the “SAC Participation Waivers”. Click on the red button below and send the link to your parent/ guardian to have them complete the form and electronically sign the participation waivers.

If you are 18 years old or older, you can electronically sign the “SAC Participation Waivers”. Click on the red button below and complete the form to electronically sign the participation waivers.

Step 5

Complete the emergency contact form and give to a SAC staff member to keep in our emergency contact binder. A hard copy of this form can be found at the SAC or you can print it from here.

Click here for the Emergency Contact Form

Step 6

All students must complete the Self Needs Assessment, click on the gray button that says “SAC Needs Assessment” to complete the assessment.

Step 7

Text your first name and last name to (561) 463-7110 to receive information on programs at the SAC and be entered into giveaways.

Step 8

Take your ID card photo! A SAC staff member will direct you to take your ID photo. You SAC ID card will be put on a lanyard and the lanyard will be at the front desk for you to scan in and put on whenever you are at the SAC. When you leave the SAC for the day, please return the lanyard to the dropbox to ensure it will be there for you next time!

Step 9

Orientation & Tour of the SAC! A staff member will take you on a tour of the SAC to introduce you to the team, our programs and your peers. Ask as many questions as you want, the SAC staff is here to serve you!

Step 10

Welcome to the Student ACES Family!

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