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Student-Led and Student Envisioned Programs

Student ACES centers all programs around the students wants and needs. Over the last 3 years we kept hearing from the students we serve that they wanted a safe place to go, a place where they fit in and could do homework, be mentored and be themselves. Everything the SAC is today is because of the students’ vision. The staff builds trust and solid relationships with the students enabling The SAC to provide wrap around services and work to ensure student success in every aspect of their life.


Healthy Living

Through healthy living programs, students learn all the necessary tools to live healthy lives, physically and emotionally.

Topics covered: Mental Health Education, Physical Health Education, Sexual Education, Balanced Living, Personal Hygiene, Substance Abuse Prevention, Importance of Dental Health, Safe & Proper Performance Training, Nutrition and Importance of Sleep.

100% of students say they feel safe and secure at the SAC all the time.

Life & Social Skills

Through life skills training, Students learn necessary skills to excel in life after high school.

Topics covered: Trust, Respect, Work Ethic, Attitude, Public Speaking, Community Involvement, Time-Management, Teamwork, Self-Branding/ Social Media, Etiquette, Budgeting and Saving, Vision Boards.

91% of students say that they are more confident now than they were before the SAC opened.


Workforce Development

Through workforce development programs, students gain the necessary knowledge to succeed in the workforce ensuring they are prepared for their summer internships or jobs.

Topics covered: Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Professional Communications, Financial Literacy, Personal Business Plans, Workplace Etiquette, Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite

85% of students say that the SAC has prepared them to successfully work a job.

Academic Success

The Student ACES center offers a full range of academic support to students. Acknowledging that each student has their own path to success, the staff at the SAC works with each student personally to drive them towards academic success. The SAC offers group, peer and one-on-one academic tutoring, SAT/ACT prep classes and college or vocational school admission support.

In the first year of the SAC being opened, 80% of student raised or maintained their GPAs.


Belle Glade Youth Empowerment Center

The Student ACES Center is the new home of the Belle Glade Youth Empowerment Center. The Youth Empowerment Center provides activities and services to at risk youth in Belle Glade. The YEC focuses on empowering youth, promoting education, promoting health, promoting leadership and community involvement.

Hours of the Youth Empowerment Center
School in Session: 3pm-7pm
School Days Off: 11am-7pm
Summer, Spring and Winter Breaks: 9:00am-6:00pm
Public Holidays & Emergency Closures: Aligned with the City of Belle Glade Policy

Project Based Employment

Acknowledging that there is only so much to be learned in a classroom or workshops, The SAC works to provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge through project- based employment. The densely packed schedules of many high schoolers greatly limit their ability to hold a “normal” part time job. Through project-based employments, students work with their peers and the SAC directors to create schedules to best fit their life and have the opportunity to work on high skilled projects.



Through an RFP process, ACE youth, known as the Glades Student Grant-Making Association awarded grant dollars to support initiatives designed to improve conditions leading to a healthy, youth-centered community. Student Led Grant-making supports community transformation by having students engage the larger community in redefining the community.


ACE students have been working with Palm Health Foundation on community storytelling, data collection through SenseMaker and other collaborative initiatives to create systemic change. Students work with the Palm Health Foundation to find themes in the community and then create plans of change. Through collecting community stories students gain a new appreciation of where they live.

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