Mental Health First Aid

Executive Director Krissy Webb, gives ACE students who are 18 the tools to identify someone who might be struggling with a mental health or substance use problem, and how to connect them with appropriate support and resources when necessary. Webb trained to be an instructor with the support of the Merrell Family Foundation. The foundation has partnered with Student ACES to reach their goals to increase awareness of mental health resources and eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Just as CPR helps even those without clinical training assist an individual having a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid prepares participants to interact with a person experiencing a mental health crisis. Training participants learn a five-step action plan that guides them through the process of reaching out and offering appropriate support.Mental Health First Aid training comes at a crucial time. While one in five Americans has a mental illness, many are reluctant to seek help or might not know where to turn for care. Unlike physical conditions, symptoms of mental health and substance use problems can be difficult to detect. For friends and family members, it can be hard to know when and how to step in. As a result, those in need of mental health services often do not get them until it is too late.

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