The Student ACES curriculum is based on values:

  • Command Respect
  • Work Ethic Second to None
  • Earn Trust
  • Winning Attitudes
  • Sacrifice for Self and Others
  • Ethics and Morality 
  • Self Esteem and Self Worth

Student ACES has developed Student ACES curriculum in house

Building Blocks of Leadership for Young Adults written by Buck Martinez 

From television, internet, and social media, today’s students are being bom-barded with many and confusing messages. Without the proper foundation, our students can be influenced to make the wrong decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives.
This book is intended to provide a foundation to our young men  and women. With candid discussion and illustrations, our young men and women will have the opportunity to understand and apply valuable lessons that will serve as a foundation for life.
The fundamental principles discussed in this book are:
– Commanding Respect
– Earning Trust
– Sacrificing for Others
– Work Ethic Second to None
Whether it is in the classroom, on the athletic field, in the community  or your family, these principles will provide a solid foundation for  leadership and a path to success. Martinez provides valuable step-by-step lessons that can be applied  in every aspect of life. When correctly applied, these lessons will be instrumental in developing a community of leaders for years to come.

Straight Talk written by Buck Martinez

You have questions about how to conduct your life, but when you look around all you see are people whose actions seem questionable. Sports players, religious figures, politicians, and even friends all seem to make bad decisions. How, then, can you find out how to live in a way that will result in an exciting and productive life? Buck Martinez, who has worked with our youth for more than 40 years, hears questions every day about how to develop strong personal values, how to behave towards others, where to find the personal integrity to do the right thing when everyone else seems to just be going along for the ride. In Straight Talk, Buck offers answers to these questions and many more, and shares the stories of people who made the right choices, in spite of the odds being against them. Topics include managing money, having a great work ethic, becoming a person who lives by strong personal values, behaving responsibly towards the opposite sex, and making intelligent choices about drugs and alcohol use.

The Captains Playbook written by Buck Martinez

The Captains Playbook is a top level guide for the young men and women that have the ambition to be leaders, both on and off the athletic field. It is also designed for coaches that depend on captains to be the conduit to the players. Today’s captains have a monumental task of setting the proper example and making sure that their teammates are focused on the clear objectives and actions that will ensure success. They need to guide their teams  through the distractions of social media and other daily pressures, and live up to the challenges of becoming the role models, one that  aspires to conduct himself in a manner that everyone will respect and admire.
The Captains Playbook is a great tool for everyone on the team and should encourage those that believe they can lead to step up and do so. It provides a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a captain, the traits that he or she should possess or acquire, the expectations that come from assuming a leadership position, and the tools to ensure success.
This information is valuable to everyone involved in a team setting, including parents. Many individuals could use this helpful tool at the high school, college and professional level. A key factor that keeps teams from achieving success is the lack of leadership on the field and in the locker room. Being a captain is not about being the most talented or the most popular player it’s about being the person that commands respect by earning trust, sacrificing for the team, working harder, and having a winning attitude. The Captains Leadership Playbook provides a roadmap for great leaders on and off the field.