Student ACES (ACE) was founded in 2013 by father-daughter team Buck Martinez and Krissy Webb to create a pathway for young men and women to achieve the highest standards of leadership. The inspiration for Student ACES stemmed from their desire to see every student achieve a foundation of leadership that would generate positive outcomes and tremendous success in the students’ lives.

One day, Krissy asked her father, “Who will my kids look up to?” Through the ensuing conversation, Buck realized that his most memorable and rewarding experiences were attained when teaching and/or coaching his three daughters and their teammates and classmates. Dedicated to the idea that every student deserves access to basic building blocks like confidence and leadership skills in order to succeed, he and Krissy wanted to form an organization that would help put the future of the country in prepared, capable hands.

With that in mind, they started Student ACES in order to instill the following core values into the next generation of leaders:

– Command Respect
– Earn the Trust of Others
– Lead through your Actions
– Demonstrate Ethical Behavior and Stand up for what is Right
– Possess a Work Ethic that is Second to None
– Show Humility and Integrity
– Support your fellow Student ACES

Our Impact

Student ACES is developing role models that have a significant, immediate, positive influence in their schools, within their communities and among their peers and families including extended families (foster care, multiple marriages, etc). The results we experience are greater school attendance, higher grades, better study habits, higher self-esteem, improved writing and communications skills, and ultimately increased scholarships to attend college – sometimes allowing the first generation within a family to do so! This outcome is the foundation of successful, permanent change for our next generation of leaders!